The One Vine Guild of Rosary Makers

This page gives information about the one vine guild of rosary makers. The Guild is a separate organisation from Beads with Faith and  we do not share any information about customers with the Guild. Mo, who runs this website is a founder member of the Guild.

The One Vine started in 2012 when three rosary makers started “chatting” over the internet about the possibility of forming a Guild of people who make Rosaries as works of Spiritual significance, not making a piece of jewellery but supporting the Churches mission of prayer in their own lives in the practise of their craft.
In the beginning, one of the group felt called, as part of her Christian vocation to set up a Guild. This idea was taken up by two others and these three formed a core group who started exploring and discerning the idea further. At this point we sought the spiritual patronage of Our Lady Undooer of Knots. It seemed so natural to us, that as we were making knots of prayer in our rosaries, we prayed to Our Lady, that, through Her Son, the knots that bind our world to suffering and such harmful spiritual poverty are undone. We were delighted when a few months later Pope Francis was elected and we discovered all that he has done in South America to promote the devotion to Our Lady Undooer of Knots. At this time we discovered his beautiful prayer, written when he was a Cardinal.
We have written a prayer for Rosary Makers of the Guild, which we have sent to The Pope and hope to have approval of the prayer for use in The Catholic Church.
The guild is intended to be an arena of practical and spiritual support for Rosary makers. It is open to people from any Christian Denomination, from any country. All that is asked,asked is that the member wants to join in a shared apostolate of promoting the practice of prayer.
Members join to give and receive practical and spiritual support, enabling them to carry out the mission of the Guild according to their personal circumstances and vocation. Central to being able to fulfill the mission of the guild is the practice of prayer in the Rosary makers own spiritual life. Members don’t need to be able to make rosaries when they join, they can learn with the Guild.
To date, members of the Guild have never met in person. The Guild exists online, with a Facebook group and e mail, there is scope for meeting other members in person and learning Rosary making skills with other members. How a member develops and carries out their apostolate is up to them. Some are very active, meeting groups, other live a more hermetical, contemplative life. Some, make their living making rosaries and working for the Church while others make or repair a few rosaries for friends and family every so often.
The Guild is in the early stages of its development and we really want people who identify with the core aims to contribute to that development, to help build something that will be a service to rosary makers and to the Church. ….We want to do something beautiful for God and we want to do it now!
How to join.
If you don’t have one; open a Facebook account. This is a temporary measure whilst we complete our webpage and forums.
Currently, Maureen at is keeping the list of members. Send your Facebook account details, your name and e mail address to her at [email protected] or use the "contact us" form on the website. She will arrange your access to the One Vine Facebook group.