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Saint Joseph, who is he and why has he been added to the Eucharistic Prayers

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St Joseph has recently been added to the Eucharistic Prayers and I, for one, was delighted about this! During Advent of this year I had written the blogpost below on my other blog ‘Diary of a Novice Rosary Maker’. Pope Francis! I have had many pleasant confirmations from you, many very strong and beautiful reminders, weaving the threads of Faith in my life tighter and tighter.

In my younger years when I was just starting on my journey of Faith, there was much about the Church I didn’t understand – there is a great deal I still don’t understand, but what I do understand is that Jesus loves everyone, and as a Catholic, our family ideal is the Holy Family…

Now, we hear so much about Jesus and Mary, to me it is just about time the third member of the Holy family is included and reverenced as he should be. As God made Mary the Spouse of the Holy Spirit, he also made Joseph the Spouse of Mary. And below you can see my view on that. BUT for now, let us hear the view of our Pope – Our Ambassador for Christ on the man who cradled Jesus in His Arms, who trusted God when His future spouse told Him she was carrying His Son, who brought them to safety, who disciplined Christ, who let go when he needed to and who searched for Him and found Him, comforted and consoled His wife when their child was missing …. I love this man! He is the Earthly Father of Our Lord!:

Firstly he has a flower on the Papal coat of arms depicting St Joseph, also he had his inaugural Mass on St Joseph’s feast day, 19th March

 (in the Gospels) “St Joseph appears as a strong and courageous man, a working man, yet in his heart we see great tenderness, which is not the virtue of the weak, but rather a sign of strength of spirit and a capacity for concern, for compassion, for genuine openness to others, for love”.    Pope Francis

Our new Pope said carrying out the role of protector as St Joseph means doing so “discreetly, humbly and silently, but with an unfailing presence and utter fidelity, even when he finds it hard to understand”. St Joseph responded to his call to be a protector “by being constantly attentive to God”.

Stop here if you wish, for me it is enough that God trusted St Joseph to be the earthly Father of His Son. He trusted Him to Love. Protect and Honour Mary, to teach Jesus and to love and protect Him also.

Now on to what Beads with Faith said in Advent!

I have recently been making a Chaplet of St Joseph as a Christmas Gift

In doing this I have been reading a great deal about St Joseph and I thought maybe that this would be something powerful and beautiful to share with you all. Particularly at a time of year when St Josephs role was so important…

This is not the one I have made as that is a suprise. However it is a beautiful chaplet both to make and to pray. 

So…. Who is St Joseph ???

Saint Joseph was the legal husband of Mary. Married in the Jewish faith, in the same way as other young couples of their time would have been. Although they looked like a typical family, there were differences. The most pronounced of these was that Joseph was the “Foster Father” of Jesus. – not his biological or natural father (much like many families today that have a (‘step-parent situation).

At a young age, Mary vowed her virginity to God. This was her special way of saying “God, I love you!”. This dedication to God is why we now call her Ever Virgin!

When asked by God’s Archangel to be the Mother of the long awaited Messiah, her immediate answer was Yes! – despite not understanding every detail, she was willing to do God’s will and give a Human Body to the divine Son of God. She concieved not because of the loving union of two parents BUT because of the loving power of God.  “She concieved by the Holy Spirit” God makes the laws of nature and only he can change them. In this special instant, God changed the laws of nature.

Saint Joseph was therefore NOT the biological father of Jesus. His blood did not flow through the veins of Jesus; nor did Jesus inherit his physical characteristics. BUT as Mary’s lawful Husband, Joseph acted as a father toward her child – providing them with all that a good husband provides:

Protection, food, clothing, shelter, love and leadership.

According to Jewish law Joseph could have had Mary killed when he discovered she was pregnant with a child that he knew was not his own. As a devout Jewish man he would have had to consider this option. BUT as a humble man of prayer, he took pity on Mary and did not expose her to the authorities. God’s angel came to him in a dream and revealed God’s plan to him.

The incarnation of Christ, God made man, is one of the greatest mysteries of our faith. We should NEVER be ashamed to admit there are elements of our faith which we do not understand and only heaven can explain.

The Holy Family trusted the Lord for guidance, even when they could see no logical reason for God’s directives (e.g. an unexpected trip to Egypt). The Holy Family Provides a Perfect example of PERFECT TRUST.

And so… in this season of Preparation lets invite a deeper understanding of our Faith, Our Trust and show through example to Our own families that these things are being further emblazoned on our own hearts.

Enjoy Advent, enjoy preparing your hearts for the Lord’s Coming. And ask yourself daily, Did I love today?, Did I see Christ in those I met and bring him to them?

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