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A Conversion Story - Cory Shay

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 In a world where social media can bring us down or be truly inspirational, Beads with Faith are seeking out inspirational Catholics and showcasing their stories or ministries in our Guest Blogs section! We are delighted to have found Cory Shay, an inspirational Protestant Convert to Catholicism! I believe it is truly important that we share our stories of how Christ has touched our lives, and where we are with our Faith so that we can inspire and help others on their journey! 

Cory Shay - Conversion Story 

Here is the story of my conversion.
It was my senior year of college, 1998-1999, and I was really struggling spiritually.  I had been a Protestant, but what the Protestants taught and practice was not really sitting well with me.  Plus, there was some issues in my old church, and I sought God on my own.  My Senior year in college I realized, there was only so much I could do.  I knew I needed to find a church again.  However, I did not care to go back to Protestant Churches (since I left my old church, I went to others, and just the things I saw and heard left me scratching my head. for example, I was at a church and the sermon was on what colors to paint the walls).  So one night I prayed and ask God for Guidance, I told him I needed a church and a religion that was old, had traditions, and actually taught you something about their beliefs and practices, and required you to learn about the church.  So it dawned on me, why not look into the Roman Catholic Church.
I had a history professor in college, who took me under his wing as a student.  Every class he started the day by saying what important historical figure was born on that day, or he would mention if it was a significant Feast Day of a saint.  So I figured he was Roman Catholic, and though he would be the perfect person to help me. 
I was helping him one day shovel horse manure (yes, true story) and in the middle of our labors I said, "I want to become a Roman Catholic can you help me." Well it turned out, he was Anglican but was also considering converting to the Roman Catholic faith.  He happened to have been in touch with a coordinator of a small Catholic mission in a nearby town.  So we met with the family, and we decided  to attend our first mass.  The first Catholic Mass I ever attended was a Latin High Mass.  As the mass started, I immediately knew this church was the answer to my prayers.  After the mass, I met with the Priest, and his candor, humor, and incredible sermon only reinforced my decision.  For ten months, my friend and went to Catechism and then December 8th, 1999 we were both baptized into the Roman Catholic Church and Consecrated to the Blessed Mother.  So I tell people all the time, I am now Roman Catholic because God Commanded it. 
If you would like to share your Faith with Others, please Contact us, we will be delighted to help you share! 

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