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Veritas Outreach

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I have been really working at finding out about some wonderful ministries working for Jesus to spread the Good News, and be the Hands and Feet of Jesus in the world! I came across Veritas on instagram and was really in awe of the work they are doing! If we could all work together like this the world would be such a beautiful place! Here we hear from Gary VanHorn, Executive Director, Veritas Outreach

Veritas Outreach is a street-level ministry that feeds, cloths and ministers to homeless folks wherever we find them. We collect donations of food, clothes, water, small amounts of cash, propane, tents, sleeping bags, and just about any gear we can get our hands on. We deliver all of these donated items to people who are living in the most heartbreaking conditions, such as abandoned cars, tents, cardboard shacks, you can only imagine. Tent cities are a growing phenomenon in almost every major city these days.
Most importantly, we spend time getting to know these people so we can learn about their situations and discover what we can do to help them in more meaningful ways. We often quickly learn that many of these amazing people are in need of medication or medical attention, or usually just human compassion and prayer. We frequently hand out Rosaries and find that people are immediately receptive of them, knowing the power of Our Ladies intercession!
Veritas also participates in the national "Loads of Love Laundry Service". A few of our dedicated team members collects dirty laundry from numerous homeless camps and takes it to local laundromats, then returns it, to each individual, in a few days. One of the greatest challenges homeless individuals face is staying clean, or just keeping what they have dry. If it rains for even a few minutes, everything they own is soaked.
Early in the development of our mission, we discovered that the heroine epidemic, or addiction of any kind for that matter, is a major contributor to homelessness. As a result, we decided to build a new homeless shelter with an integrated addiction recovery facility. The recovery facility and program will both rely heavily on the element of lay religious community and communal prayer that utilizes the Liturgy of The Hours, along with a modified version of the 12 Step Program used by Alcoholics Anonymous.
Veritas is fully recognized by the IRS as a 501(C)(3), non-profit public charity.  Due to the number of individuals we serve, we are in constant need of material and financial support to continue serving those in need. However, we are also in great need of volunteers that can help us in other ways. So if you or any of your readers that have the desire to donate their time or talents, we would be happy to talk with them, no matter where in the country, or world they might be. Homelessness is everyones problem, and everyone can do their part to help, even if its just a small thing!
I would also like to call your attention to “The Forgotten Louisville” The Forgotten Louisville is a concerted effort of numerous outreach groups, churches, and individuals that meet on a weekly basis to serve the are homeless a hot meal and give them a chance to resupply, find some clean clothes, even sometimes get a hair cut. This is just one example of the amazing things that happen when people come together to help the poor. 
Please follow our work and stay with us as we grow. Please also prayer for our ministry and the people who so graciously volunteer their time and treasures. Above all, please pray for the homeless, those on the verge of becoming homeless, and those who will die homeless!
Thank you, once again for reaching out to me. May God also bless you, your ministry of replicating the Blessed Mothers Holy Rosary, and all that you do!
In Christ,



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