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World Youth Day - Krakow 2016 - Rosary Beads to Fundraise!

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“What a fantastic spectacle is presented on this stage by your gathering here today! Who claimed that today’s youth has lost their sense of values? Is it really true that they cannot be counted on?” 

Pope Saint John Paul II, Palm Sunday 1984 

WYD logo

World Youth day is a gathering of young people to celebrate their faith! now in its 30th year, I was delighted to receive a last minute invitation for our daughter to attend! This is such an opportunity and whilst she has been invited by Argyll and the Isles and the Diocese of Aberdeen, not our own Archdiocese of Glasgow, I immediately said yes on her behalf! This is the future of our church, the Catholic Church, in the world - such a beautiful opportunity to bear witness to Christ! 

Of course, with these events comes fundraising, a pilgrimage, to visit our Holy Father and encounter Christ is something one only encounters with help! Not being in a position to just pay for this pilgrimage, along with a vast number of other young pilgrims, I had to come up with some fundraising ideas, fast! Our daughter has been so blessed to be able to attend Youth retreats at Craig Lodge, Dalmally - a place I truly love, that I feel is responsible for my love of Christ, this is where this opportunity arose for her! It all seems so providential we couldnt say no! 

God is so good, I prayed about what we could do and alongside a justgiving account which is now closed, I had the idea to raise funds for rachel ad her peers by making some Rosary Beads! Funnily enough it wasnt my first thought .... So this beautiful Rosary was born!

World Youth Day Rosary Beads with Faith


I had considered white as an Ave Maria bead - but felt that when thinking of Poland I thought of red - then one of the organisers of the pilgrimage sent me the logo, as she was thinking about having hoodies and tshirts made - which really set this idea on fire - If we marry up the Rosary Beads with the Logo, then I can explain its origins! 

The Red beads, red dyed jade, signify the flame of faith, and also Poland as a country, since JMJ 2016 will be held in Krakow and is in Poland for the second time since WYD began, previously in Czestochowa, Poland in 1991 - i felt this appropriate. One instagram follower said they thought it looked like Rowan Berries at first glance - these are actually said in folkolore to ward off evil spirits and to be a protection! 

The orange beads, cat's eye beads, are again to join with the logo part of the flame of Faith, these are simply beautiful beads and must be seen! then we have my absolute favourite bead, the Blue striped agate, no bead is ever the same and i simply love them, but these marry up again with the logo, and the two different blues present in it - so I couldnt resist adding these as a Pater Noster alongside the orange Cat's eye beads they truly make beautiful companions! 

The centre medal was custom made by, who offer a wealth of information, but i think it truly does our Pope Saint John Paul II the great, amazing Justice, again, our Polish pope who started this beautiful initiative seemed the most fitting centre for this Rosary. 

The Crucifix is the Good Shepherd Crucifix, His Holiness, Pope Francis' choice of Papal Cross. As he is our current pope it seemed fitting that this Crucifix was used for the Rosary. Only 4 of these have been made! One will go to Pope Francis as a gift and on monday will begin its journey to the Vatican  on Monday - one will begin its journey to england and another to argyll to be raffled to raise funds and the 4th will be used to Raise further funds for The World Youth Day 

If you wish to donate to this pilgrimage you can call Craig Lodge on 01838200216 (UK) to make a donation directly OR buy a ticket to be entered into a draw to win one of these beautiful Rosaries and be a part of the youth of todays journey with Christ! We will of course keep you updated and tell you of the Youth Pilgimage! 

Ad Jesum per Mariam, Mo +....


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  1. Denise Roberts

    Thank you so much Mo for setting up this blog, designing and making the rosary beads, which are full of all the key symbols of World Youth Day, and your help to raise funds for this trip! If anyone reading this is in a position to help with a donation however small or large, thank you so much. Currently 8 young people are heading to Krakow, by coach. God bless, St John Paul , pray for us !!!

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