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Reasons to Teach the Rosary, Reasons to be devoted!

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"When we look at Mary, we look at all God wants for Humanity" - Unknown*

I came across a blogpost the other day that has encouraged me to write this post - you will notice that some of my reasons are similar (if not so eloquently put, to the Religion teacher's reasons, I am so grateful he posted this and I hope that many of you will find some sense and use in my own reasons! 

Why do I dedicate my life to encouraging devotion to the Rosary?I have seen the benefits in classrooms, schools, parishes and in family life. Here are some of the Reasons why, I believe this is a worthwhile cause:

  1. Teaching Prayer. Wow wow wow! ok, so some think the Rosary is boring - I think it is the most beautiful, joyful, simple way of learning about Jesus and learning about how God wants us to live! imagine having just ONE Prayer that encompasses the main prayers our children NEED to learn (the Sign of the Cross,  Apostles Creed, the our Father, the Hail Mary, Glory Be, The Fatima Prayer and Hail Holy Queen)  be built on throughout life AND just helps the kids walk through Jesus life.... thats the Rosary!!!!! 
  2. Building Community. When I visit a school, or pray with my own children, we have an intention to our prayer, we have a book at home that is full of things people have asked us to pray for! This gives a purpose to our prayer, allows them to think of those around them and NOT just focus on themselves. It helps to build community and love within the class, home/parish. It allows us to see others on a more personal level and to focus on others needs, in this year of Mercy I believe this is especially important! 
  3. Teaching Trust and Surrender. When I describe the Rosary to children, and anyone, I describe it as a walk through Jesus' life holding the hand of His mother, Our Blessed Mother. In a world full of video games, television and rushing around, to spend but fifteen minutes a day learning about Jesus we are so blessed, we are offering an opportunity for growth in faith that is open to ALL.
  4. The Comfort of Intercessory Prayer. I find that some of us are afraid/avoid intercessory prayer, with many arguments against from other Christian quarters it can make us uncomfortable! I find when explained at the level of children; wow we have the whole of Heaven just waiting to pray with us, and to put our intentions right in Jesus hands, especially His mum (now, everyone Listens to their mum, especially Jesus); it becomes far more comfortable! Look at the Wedding Feast of Cana! Jesus first public miracle was encouraged by His mother! 
  5. Learning the scriptures. When praying the Rosary, each mystery focusses on an aspect of the life of Christ, whether we give a short description or pray a full Scriptural Rosary, we are teaching children the stories of the Bible! Isn't it amazing that we can establish this knowledge in children from a young age! Just imagine, we can link the Hail Mary to the Annunciation and Visitation, lest we forget the Angelus! The First three Joyful Mysteries (although the Visitation is often left out) are in every Nativity play in every school at Christmas! How about the Mass, the Paschal Mystery that we learn about in the Sorrowful and Glorious mysteries! We learn the utmost respect for our Faith through the Rosary. I know for me, each time I pray I learn something new about Jesus, myself and others AND my faith gains depth and clarity! 
  6. It is what brought me to Jesus. I don't particularly mind that some people may think its a bit strange a 33 year old woman being so crazy for the Rosary, because Our Blessed mother has been a huge part of my Faith Journey - she has held my hand and brought me back to her son more times than I could possibly imagine, without the Rosary, quite simply I don't think I would know Jesus or know that HE LOVES ME!!, nor do I think I would have been able to get through some of the darkest, most difficult times in my life! I am passionate about the Rosary because I know it changes lives.
  7. Our Blessed Mother asks us to. I don't know about you, but I'm not about to disobey the Blessed Mother, when she has expressly asked us to pray the Rosary and to encourage devotion to the Rosary! Look at Fatima, Lourdes, even at Pompeii, the image of our Lady is her handing a Rosary to Saint Catherine of Siena, whilst the child Jesus hands a Rosary to Saint Dominic - “One who propagates my Rosary shall be saved”. Our Lady wants us to bring the Rosary to children and does so herself! 

Our Lady of Pompeii

Why do you think it is important to teach children to pray the rosary?

*please do tell me if you know who said this! 

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