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The Crucifixion - Artist Nikki Blinston

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In 2001 I painted 'The Crucifixion' as a gift to the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, based in the Bronx,  New York. The piece was inspired by original illuminations, painted in the 15th century, which are rich in symbolism, seeped in spirituality and tradition. The religious images I have been commissioned to paint all refer to an iconic style, with a twist of 'Nikki'. I do not follow the tradition of using tempera paint, however I do ensure I am surrounded with prayer and inspiration as all images of God, His Blessed Mother, His Angels and His Saints are a glimpse of heaven, the paintings themselves should be a prayer, an aid to deepening spirituality. My spiritual paintings are, I hope and pray an inspiration to others. I feel blessed the Lord  has chosen and trusted me to portray Him and all who glorify Him.
My artistic journey has not always been this way, as a child I loved to paint, draw, create. As a teenager I decided to follow a passion for fashion, I studied at various colleges until 1992 when I decided the industry was not for me. 3 months before I qualified I decided to 'drop out'. Some saw this as career sabotage, I saw it as a release. I did not like the ethos, lack of creativity and materialism I was being taught, in addition I felt my self esteem and individuality as an artist was being crushed out of me. I left art altogether, suppressed by my own lack of confidence I did not pick up a paintbrush until 2000.
I was living in a Catholic Charismatic Community, Christ The Prince Of Peace where  I was asked to paint a life size replica of the famous 'Trinity' icon, originally painted by Andrei Rublev. The experience of painting this image was truly humbling, there are no other words to describe how it feels to paint God, to be in the midst of God, witnessing God form in front of you. I spent 3 months day and night absorbed in the wonderment of the Trinity, it was an experience I will cherish for eternity. The Trinity was painted for the New Dawn Conference, held in Walsingham every August, people from all over the country (and the world) attend the conference and for a time God used it as a platform to inspire me to paint more glimpses into heaven and I got various commissions which unlocked my creative prayer further. My website has a gallery of all the commissions I have painted.  I left the community in 2002, the pressures of my day job and family life took over and I found little time to paint until 2012, when after a life changing trauma I was convicted with an air of creativity, unable to stop expressing my innermost emotions I embarked on my journey into, 'Something Out Of Nothing', which is my art studio, it sounds far more grand than it really is, however what 'Something Out Of Nothing' has given me is an ability to communicate in an extraordinary way. To most my paintings may seem meaningless and abstract, but to some I hope they communicate. The ethos of 'Something Out Of Nothing' is an expression of my soul,  when I reflect on some of my pieces I see God working in my heart, helping me communicate my own joys, fears, hopes and dreams. This form of painting is extremely healing and God willing I hope to help others in their own expression, in time. 
God has not let me forget my religious painting, I have much inspiration and hopefully insight into more glimpses of heaven which I am currently discerning. No matter if my painting is of God, His Blessed Mother, the Saints or the Angels or if the painting is just an expression of me I always pray a soul will be touched and a prayer will be answered. I am ever thankful of the gifts God has given me, I am guilty of hiding them sometimes, because of a lack of trust in myself, however the more I learn to trust in God the more I wish to share the gifts he has given. I pray God blessing on us all and I pray every talent God has given us is used for His glory. God bless you all. Amen
The Crucifixion - Nikki Blinston

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