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A Little Paper Bag Prayer Book

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There really are some amazing websites and blogs out there! In a recent discussion I was directed to a website called Catholic Icing. I get quite excited about these things, as you can imagine when I saw their Paper bag Rosary book I was quite excited!

Its great to find new and exciting ways to spread the word of God and also to find things that bring a bit more enthusiasm back to family prayer! Its also amazing to find like minded people! 

So ... having been thinking about ideas for schools, and also being a mother, I thought one of these books would be a good home to school activity and also a way of the child creating their own prayer book! How amazing is that? 

It is our experience that by being directly involved in the creation, children are more likely to find meaning and understanding in what they are doing!

Paper Bag Rosary Prayer Book!


This is a fantastic Activity for any age group! You will be able to find a full downloadable instruction sheet from Beads with Faith by August!

For this activity, you will need:

4 Paper Bags (we used ones with handles)  - check out The Paper Bag Co. or ebay for these

Some craft paper/old wrapping paper (optional)

Images for the mysteries of the Rosary – these can be drawn/downloaded/stickers (there are some available on our website!)

Ribbons or twine


double sided tape/pritt stick/pva glue

Hole punch


Firstly we cut the handles off the bags leaving the outer handle on 2 of them.

Then, we folded the bags in half , and punched holes in the fold.

Using the ribbon (this was actually the ribbon from our daughters birthday cake!), we ‘bound’ the book together.

Making the book from paper bags creates little pockets that allow ‘pull tabs’ :


Using 4 bags with carry handles allowed us a front and back cover with 2 pockets each and 2 pages either side and a further 4 central pockets with a central divider page.

For the pullouts we cut some card to size and stuck some ribbon on with double sided tape to enable the inner page to be pulled out . Make sure these are also staggered so that you can see the tabs when the book is closed!


You can print images from online or find some stickers/draw your own depiction of the mystery. We downloaded ours from Under her starry mantle, there is a huge variety to choose from and she also has some amazing crafts and Rosary ideas!  Go have a look!

We used 120gsm linen paper to make and decorate the pages! You could easily use sugar paper, old wrapping paper or leave the pages blank!  And decorate the brown paper yourself.

For the Rosary pullouts we used pretty daisy paper, in pink for Joyful; lilac for luminous, red for Sorrowful, yellow(gold) for Glorious. This is also incorporated to the front cover! The names of the mysteries are written on the front of the pocket with white for Joyful , Purple for Luminous , red for Sorrowful  and blue for Glorious!  Yellow loveheart ribbon was used for the Rosary parts!


This could be created as a Rosary book alone using two of the paper bags!  (I will post one of those later!)

We went further and incorporated the school Morning and evening prayers and grace before and after meals, the guardian angel prayer, the Angelus, the Act of Sorrow, The Stations of the Cross, the Creed, Confiteor and Gloria!

The prayers were printed on normal A4 paper (in 2 colums) using Times New Roman size 16 font and stuck in (using sellotape for this part as I ran out of double sided tape and really wanted to finish what I had started!). It would look much better with doublesided tape!

 You can see the prayers in the images below!

and download them


We have also left space in ours to add in further prayers... three of the pages are blank so that leaves room for the Holy Spirit Prayer, Fatima Prayer or the Mass parts!

 This would be a good craft to pair with one of our Rosary Kits or with the easy Rosary Craft at Catholic Icing, which I am hoping will be good for the early Primary classes!


Its nearing the end of the school holidays in Scotland ... this could be something fun to get the kids ready to go back to school; to remind you of the prayers they say! Or it could be an activity for a primary school class; icebreaker for secondary!

Perhaps your child is homeschooled or in a non denominational school! or Perhaps you teach Sunday School!

Make this book! You wont regret it!

It could also be done as a whole class activity, just get larger paper bags!!

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