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Interview With .. Dr Brian Kiczek

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I met Dr Brian Kiczek through our mutual love of Jesus, on social media! - hilariously i have been following the Power of the Rosary for a long time but it was their dolls from Heaven project which started as an awesome way to bring the 'Little Way' of Saint Therese and now has further plans for more 'Dolls from Heaven!' I had no idea how many projects this beautiful family have on the go! Here are some questions The Rosary Doctor, Dr Brian KIczek answered in our email interview! 


1.       The Dolls from Heaven project is beautiful tell us a bit about the project and what inspired it ? 

My family has always loved dolls and we have built up quite a collection.  On a long family trip stuck in traffic after our Rosary we started talking about how there was no saint dolls out there.  Within a couple of hours of excited discussion we realized that God might be calling us to such a work and we had our first few dolls mapped out in our head.  About less than a year later we were finally ready to start our company with the first doll Therese Praise Jesus!

2.       what is the response like to the dolls, i think they are beautiful and could certainly get a conversation started! 

So far the response has been tremendous, everyone loves the dolls and are getting sometimes multiple orders from the same family.  God is certainly on the move with this project! 

3.       You and your family have a beautiful devotion to the Rosary and desire to encourage the whole world to pray the Rosary - how did this desire come to you ?

Well with all things you have to start with yourself.  Being away from God for so long I was searching for the truth the Rosary was a major part of my keeping and spreading the faith. Here is full story of our return to the Truth.  

Once in the truth the Rosary led to so many great things in our lives and inspires all of our ministries.  For example after praying the Rosary we got the idea to start Dolls from Heaven.  The spreading of the Rosary is just us trying to share the gift that has been given to us.  One of my favorite quotes is “Whoever spreads the Rosary is Saved”  I love that one and am working on earning it as much as possible. 

4.       You have many other ministries in particular I am interested in Decade a Day Disciples and The Power of the Rosary - what inspired these ministries and when did they start?

The Power of the Rosary started when I thought there was no great Rosary page out there on the Power of the Rosary.  I wanted Scriptural meditations for myself so I put them there and everyone can use them.  I wanted great Rosary quotes for myself and put them there too.  After a while I realized that a Decade a Day would be the perfect way to get people who have not prayed the Rosary to get started with it.  The Decade a Day Disciples is an offshoot of that idea in which we all pray a Decade a Day for each other’s intentions.  We are currently over 9,000 people praying for each other’s intentions and it grows everyday.  Hopefully all those who are reading this will be inspired to join us as I could use more prayers everyday!

5.        Decade a Day Disciples has 9000 people daily, and growing,  joined in prayer for each others intentions - united in meditation on the life of Jesus through His Mother - did you ever think so many would want to pray for others like this? 

I am happy with little and ecstatic with a lot so everyday it grows.  It seems like a no brainer for me as I love prayer and I feel that the more prayers for me the better so why not for everyone else as well.  I hope the whole world will pray for each other someday and if we do I am sure we will live in a world so close to heaven as to taste it.  Talk about Reign of the Immaculate Heart of Mary!

6.       What is your favourite Mystery of the Rosary and why? 

Agony in the Garden because I imagine Jesus praying for me right then and there for all my intentions and for my salvation and for everything to do with me.  Since He is God He was praying for me into the future and my intentions I am sure.  Powerful!

7.       Do you have a favourite Rosary Quote? 

Whoever Spreads the Rosary is Saved!~Blessed Bartolo Long 

8.       What is the biggest trial you face in your ministry? 

Right now the trial is financial as we have Cadillac dreams and aspirations but the finances have yet to meet them but God has His time.  We see the potential to reach the world and through social media we are working as best we can with a shoestring budget (ie nothing) Someday hopefully our budget will match our dreams.  Pray for our ministries as this is the best help we can get!  

9.       And the Biggest Joy?

Here is just one of them from a customer yesterday:

Oh that is great! I’m so excited to be able to give it to my 4 year old granddaughter.  She says she wants to be a saint and has a picture of St. Therese right above her bed that she prays to.  She’s going to love it.  Thanks so much!

10.   How has your ministry affected your lives as a family? 

We are together more to work on the Dolls from Heaven so it is exciting to collaborate, have bopard meetings, everything, A Family that works together….

11.   What is the Part of your Ministries  that you love the most? 

Working for Jesus as He pays the best! Helping my brothers and sisters get closer to Jesus through any and all means!

Thanks for allowing me to spread the good news through your blog, may God bless you forever! 

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