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As we approach our Blessed Mother Mary's Birthday!!!!

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It is the Celebration of the Birth of Mary, Mother of Jesus on Tuesday. What a wonderful and beautiful celebration this is! I have already seen so many beautiful idea's both amongst my facebook friends and the internet as a whole! One page I absolutely adore is Catholic Icing please if you are a Catholic Parent or teacher go take a look at her page! Also we NEED some of her resources in the UK ....if anything it is a thoughtful and beautiful read and full of FABULOUS ideas!

Here is a Specific link to some craft ideas for Mary's Birthday!

At Beads with Faith we have had a great time creating some Classroom Rosaries, the ones we have made this time have been made for the class and will come with the opportunity for the teacher or children to create the image for their Crucifix  - this can then be hung on their Classroom wall, but is also bulky enough for infants to handle and to start to feel a Rosary, without there being a concern of breakage and swallowing! 

I would like to draw your attention,however, to what is written below, for here is what is on my heart about Our Blessed Mother.....

Classroom Rosary
Beads with Faith Classroom Rosary's - Create and Pray or Order a Ready made one!

Our Blessed Mother is most certainly the prime example of following Our Lord. In complete trust, love and surrender to the Will of God. So what do we know about Our Blessed Mother, the Mother of all Mothers?

We know that Mary treasures and ponders in her heart all that is said by and about Her Son (Luke 2).   We too seek our understanding and intimacy with Christ; we can do this by following in Her Footsteps. "In her journey of faith and always to her credit, she travelled always and everywhere in hope. We are called to do the same” (Archbishop Vincent Nichols).

On rare occasions the voice of Our Blessed Mother breaks through in Scripture. We hear this in John 2:1-12 (wedding feast at Cana) and (the Annunciation) Luke 1:26- 38. When she speaks it is not to claim something for herself but to praise God who has done Great things for her. She reminds us that he will do Great things for us, she points us to Christ. "Do whatever he tells you," she commands the servants at the wedding feast. This command is for all of us.

Pearl Rosary Beads with San Damiano Crucifix
'Oh pearl of Greatest Price, no act of sacrifice, can lift me from your gaze'

Mary's silence and humility should not be confused as simpering or "yellow bellied." Her silence shows an abundance of courage. She had the courage to let go of her own plans for her life, to plough on through ridicule, even to endure when the disciples themselves walked away.

Silence has many meanings and can speak volumes. A signal of affirmation or protest. It can be a welcome respite or an uneasy truce. It can be a familiar understanding between friends or a void between strangers. In her silence, Mary grew for and in the Love of God, despite Her suffering and all the trials that She endured. Reflection on the life of Mary should draw us to the Real Presence of Christ. As a pure, fine example of true love: Mary as Spouse of the Spirit, Mother of the Son and Faithful daughter of the Father is one certain example of Holiness, Trust and Complete Surrender.

I hope that if you are reading this post you have found it useful and in some way beautiful to read - i know that I havewritten from the heart and I know that Jesus and Mary are really working on me bigtime just now, from the people I meet or am blessed to speak with right the way to the joy that I feel deep down in the belly of my soul!
Let us find a way to Jesus through Mary.

Ad Jesum per Mariam.

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