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Belize Rosary Mission - Manuela

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Being co-leader of this Belize Rosary Mission is such a humbling experience. I was given a tremendous gift of not only teaching the children about the history, meaning and power of the rosary, but in that process, I have gotten to know my country of Belize.  I have gotten to be with the villagers, to travel to remote areas of Belize, areas that I would never have gotten to know had it not been for this beautiful rosary ministry. I have experienced the love of so many people in the cities, towns and remote areas of Belize. I have seen their pain, their hardships, their joys! I have walked over hammock bridges, dined in thatched roof homes, walked over hills and crossed rivers over ferries to reach the people.  

I am deeply honored to be part of this amazing work of the Blessed Mother on earth. I am also deeply humbled. Through this mission I have learned to surrender to the Lord completely, to let go of  my worries and to place them in the hands of Jesus and Mary. I have learned to trust in the provision of the Lord, the Father Almighty. If He called me and my aunt Thomasita to this amazing ministry, surely He will see us through it. Sometimes, we don’t know where we will get the funds from to teach the next school. Then at the last minute, the funds become available through a donor(s).  Sometimes we get knocked down, persecuted, ridiculed, and it is then we knew that we are being carried in His arms and being fortified by His strength. He has never failed us!

I have met some amazing people through this mission, people who are so generous, so kind-hearted so full of love for Our Lord. I have learned much more from the people I minister to than what I give them. Yes, it is tiring at times; yes it is very hot at times, but through it all, I have received grace after grace from Our Lord to continue to persevere for the building up of His kingdom on earth.

Through this mission, I have seen families re-unite, as parents come to our small home to make rosaries with their children. I have seen husbands and wives re-unite through this mission. I have seen many healings take place through this mission. I have seen people become courageous through this mission and speak up. For example, at one school a teacher ran out of the rosary session and actually had the courage to tell her principal that she was very ill. We then prayed over her and she got healed.

Through this ministry, I have met people from different continents who form networks with us to make an even greater impact. Many of these people want to come to Belize on one of our mission tours. One of these people is Mo Cox, owner of Beads With Faith. What a God-incidence that both Mo and myself are from Glasgow, Scotland and share the same rosary mission! Thanks to Our Lady for calling me to this amazing work!  

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