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For Rosary Makers ...

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For Rosary Makers,
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I have been making Rosaries for almost 15 years and have recently REALLY centred my life upon this craft which I can only describe as a true gift of grace and love from Our Blessed Mother to bring me closer to fullness of life in Christ ... Because we can only truly get there through her. She was the woman that undid the knot of Eve’s sin and brought true faith, love and life to Our Lord. We can do NOTHING without Christ who strengthens us....
‘Ad Jesum per Mariam’
To Jesus through Mary
I cannot cast a shadow of a doubt on the words of St Louis Marie de Montfort “There are also some very sanctifying interior practices for those whom the Holy Ghost calls to a high perfection. These may be expressed in four words: to do all our actions: by Mary, with Mary, in Mary and for Mary, so that we may do them all the more perfectly by Jesus, with Jesus, in Jesus and for Jesus.”
So my friends and colleagues... BY. WITH. IN. FOR.     =   FOUR WORDS
Be it that you are a Jewellery maker who has been called to make a Rosary, or a Rosary maker who takes up the invitation to spread the devotion .... These are IMPORTANT words to remember ... BY.WITH.IN.FOR .... TO JESUS THROUGH MARY .....
I am a member of a group on a social networking site of Rosary makers ...  One of the members had posted a picture of the most beautiful Rosary I have seen in a long time, I clicked on the photo to comment on the beauty of this piece and saw the comment:
“I absolutely love this! Here come the questions much will you be charging for this? And could you perhaps swap it up a bit so it has some hematite and a pentacle instead of a cross? Xx”
Now as I understand it – the Pentacle is a symbol of Wicca ... Witchcraft – it is not appropriate for incorporation to a Rosary, it is a combination of two ‘faiths’. Pretty much like shamballa beads which are of Buddhist tradition and again, inappropriate for incorporation to a Rosary.
Anyway, back to the Pentacle:
“The pentagram tells us that we have the ability to bring Spirit to Earth; this applies to every area of practical day-to-day living, as well as spiritual thought. The ability of bringing Spirit to Earth is what makes us whole.”
This idea of a search and bringing Spirit to Earth and being made whole has already been found, a search that is fruitless and certainly an idea  that should not be thought about never mind incorporated to a Rosary – if you are a Catholic or creating Rosaries for a spiritual purpose. (I will say more on this shortly). The Catholic Faith which the Rosary is a prayer of, already found these things when Our Lord and Saviour died on a Cross for us. When our Blessed Mother said ‘Yes’ in complete faith to an Angel.  To create a prayer bead with the incorporation of such a thing is really not appropriate.
“For modern-day Pagans, the Pentacle contains many wonderful layers of symbolism. The five points symbolize the four directions with the fifth point as the sanctity of Spirit, within and without. The circle around the star symbolizes unity and wholeness. It represents the quest for Divine Knowledge, a concept which is ancient in origin and universal in scope from the earliest written ritual texts in Babylonia, to the Celts, to the Native American traditions. Similar to other figures which are made of a single unbroken line, this symbol is used to mark off magical enclosures or ritual areas, especially when used for invocation of deities or spirit.”
The Rosary is a Christian prayer, to incorporate Pagan symbols is quite simply completely reducing the importance and symbolism of this prayer for us. Whilst the words of what the pentacle symbolises are utterly beautiful ... they basically reveal a search for what is already real and present to us as Catholics, Anglicans or Christians. We have ONE GOD. We do not need to search these things.
I honestly would not recommend addition of anything other than a Crucifix, Cross or miraculous medal to a Rosary.
We cannot mess, or meddle with the reality that is Christ. The Rosary is a prayer that brings us to Jesus through Mary. It is an education in the life of Christ that never ceases to educate those that pray it. To incorporate Pagan symbols to a Rosary is disrespectful and offensive to those that have this faith. And it is misleading to those that wish to pray it and don’t know the meaning of these things.
My question for you is this: Do you realise the significance of the pentacle as a symbol and the inappropriateness of its addition to a devotional object?
The Rosary is not just a pretty piece of Jewellery, it has a depth and meaning to our faith and to try and alter that is wrong. To add a pentacle to a devotional object is offensive, and it is wrong.
The Rosary is not a  string of beads. It is a prayer: A series of meditations with Mary on the life of Christ.  Given its name THE ROSARY after the title of Our Blessed Mother ‘Mystical Rose’. The beads are an aid in the prayer, counters for the part of the prayer that is mantra like. The beads take the name of the prayer they symbolise and  become symbolic  of the relationship with God that is both the foundation and result of the prayer.
Due to teh Symbolism of the Rosary beads, a symbolism that keys in to quite an intimate part of our faith, adulterating the beads, and the symbol can justly cause offense.
Many are mildly offended when Rosaries are worn as a necklace, however, that is not something that offends me personally and if anything i would encourage.
When new age rosaries were produced there was an outcry on the net and these things are so small in comparison to mixing the symbols of the rosary with that of the pentacle. The shape of the pentacle is not the problem just as the shape of the letters in a word are not a problem. The problem comes in what it represents, what it signifies. If a pentacle is added it does not say Christ or Mystical rose, is not a rosary…..simple!

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