Beads with Faith is a family run company based upon the Rosary and its teachings. As a Catholic company we aim to encompass faith and bead craft to create handmade Rosary beads, chaplets and Christocentric jewellery items. This blog will contain faith centred articles, information about our workshops and some of our products.

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  1. A beautiful Broken string of pearls given a second life as a Rosary

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    These Rosary Beads have been one of my all time favourite Rosaries to make! It had been the first ever time I was contacted by someone who had a sentimental necklace, given to her by her husband, that had broken and wanted to repurpose it as a Rosary. 

    Repurpose your Broken Beads as a new Rosary


    I was absolutely delighted to assist, and it allowed me to work with some beautiful beads that had already shared many years of love, both in the couples marriage and in their hearts and souls as a Catholic Family. I had never worked with pearls of this size before, and only ever freshwater pearls so it was also a blessing to be asked to work with these beautiful beads! 

    The result was stunning, and a true work with prayer and Our Blessed Mother's guidance. The Pater Nosters were not part of the original necklace but are simple 10mm blue glass beads flanked with silver plated copper Bead caps which, over time, will wear slightly with prayer. I know that the owner of this Rosary is likely to 'wear it out' but can also be confident that the links are strong and durable and she will be able to pass this Rosary on in her family for generations to come! 

    If you are interested in having a Rosary made from sentimental Jewellery please do get in touch you can see some more of our bespoke work here.

  2. 15 decade Rosary with burlywood beads and vintage Crucifix

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    This is my first ever requested 15 Decade Rosary and I loved making it for a young man who is considering his vocation - It has been so beautiful to beable to pray forHim and his discernment whilst making this simple and beautiful piece. There is something incredibly special in becoming part of a person's spiritual journey in this way - knowing that they are inviting Our Blessed Mother to walkwiththem through the life of Christ! 



  3. Matthew 18:3

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    "Then he said, "I tell you the truth, unless you turn from your sins and become like little children, you will never get into the Kingdom of Heaven."

    Last term my daughter and I attended a Primary school in Glasgow to make a decade Rosary with 40 children aged 7! They have not long received the sacrament of Reconciliation and it was such a joy to spend an hour with them!

  4. A Little Paper Bag Prayer Book

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    There really are some amazing websites and blogs out there! In a recent discussion I was directed to a website called Catholic Icing. I get quite excited about these things, as you can imagine when I saw their Paper bag Rosary book I was quite excited!

    Its great to find new and exciting ways to spread the word of God and also to find things that bring a bit more enthusiasm back to family prayer! Its also amazing to find like minded people!