Beads with Faith is a family run company based upon the Rosary and its teachings. As a Catholic company we aim to encompass faith and bead craft to create handmade Rosary beads, chaplets and Christocentric jewellery items. This blog will contain faith centred articles, information about our workshops and some of our products.

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  1. As we approach our Blessed Mother Mary's Birthday!!!!

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    It is the Celebration of the Birth of Mary, Mother of Jesus on Tuesday. What a wonderful and beautiful celebration this is! I have already seen so many beautiful idea's both amongst my facebook friends and the internet as a whole! One page I absolutely adore is Catholic Icing please if you are a Catholic Parent or teacher go take a look at her page! Also we NEED some of her resources in the UK ....if anything it is a thoughtful and beautiful read and full of FABULOUS ideas!

    Here is a Specific link to some craft ideas for Mary's Birthday!

    At Beads with Faith we have had a great time creating some Classroom Rosaries, the ones we have made this time have been made for the class and will come with the opportunity for the teacher or children to create the image for their Crucifix  - this can then be hung on their Classroom wall, but is also bulky enough for infants to handle and to start to feel a Rosary, without there being a concern of breakage and swallowing! 

  2. Holy Water a Means of Spiritual Wealth

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    Clearing out the house often leads you to find many interesting things... I was delighted to come across a little prayer leaflet about the Sacramental Holy Water ....

    Holy water is a Sacramental that remits venial sin, Because of the blessing attached to it, Holy Church strongly urges its use upon Her children, especially when dangers threaten such as fire, storms, sickness and other calamities. Every Catholic home should always have in it a supply of Holy Water.
  3. On Forgiveness...

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    So Forgiveness… what is why is it important and what does it mean for our Faith?  In recent months this  has been something I have thought about a great deal.. Particularly when praying the Our Father  – “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us..” these words resonate on my tongue as I pray. Forgiving wasn’t always something I was very good a, but holding on to our hurts is never healthy and bearing grudges is not exactly in line with Catholicism or Christianity in general. As has recently been made very clear to us all in homilies, not only from our own priest but also from religious figures throughout the globe, we cannot pick and choose what parts of our faith we adhere to..
    Jesus makes frequent calls to forgive our enemies, even as he was crucified he cried: