Beads with Faith is a family run company based upon the Rosary and its teachings. As a Catholic company we aim to encompass faith and bead craft to create handmade Rosary beads, chaplets and Christocentric jewellery items. This blog will contain faith centred articles, information about our workshops and some of our products.

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  1. This beautiful piece of writing has just resurfaced from amongst my paperwork in the home office. It really touched my heart when we were given this to read at a parental discussion on Religious, Moral and Philosophical Education, at our daughters old school. Certainly worth sharing with you all…

    at the threshold of womanhood- John O Donohue (Benedictus)

    It is like awakening into a morning where everything is touched with change. Now your body has a mind of its own as it curves and fills into womanhood.

    The lightness of being a girl is leaving And your thoughts are taking you To places you have never known before.

    Becoming a woman, you feel the moon Tug at your blood, and you begin to sense The mysteries of your new body.

    May you enter beautifully into the feminine, Learning to trust the world of feeling you inherit, Finding ease and elegance in all you are.

    May your respect for your beauty Become visible in your dignity And how you hold yourself in your world. 

    May the expectation in others eyes Never decide how you are to be; Learn to trust the advice of your heart.


    Generally available Marian image created in th...

    Generally available Marian image created in the 1880s. The white circular text in the halo reads: “Je suis l’Immaculée Conception” (French for “I am the Immaculate Conception”). From Jtdirl’s collection. Copyright long expired. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    The Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary is one of the most powerful spiritual weapons we have been gifted with and it should be wielded with confidence, faith  and giving Glory to God.  Regardless of our stage in our Spiritual journey we can only benefit from such a beautiful prayer.