Beads with Faith is a family run company based upon the Rosary and its teachings. As a Catholic company we aim to encompass faith and bead craft to create handmade Rosary beads, chaplets and Christocentric jewellery items. This blog will contain faith centred articles, information about our workshops and some of our products.

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  1. I met Dr Brian Kiczek through our mutual love of Jesus, on social media! - hilariously i have been following the Power of the Rosary for a long time but it was their dolls from Heaven project which started as an awesome way to bring the 'Little Way' of Saint Therese and now has further plans for more 'Dolls from Heaven!' I had no idea how many projects this beautiful family have on the go! Here are some questions The Rosary Doctor, Dr Brian KIczek answered in our email interview! 


    1.       The Dolls from Heaven project is beautiful tell us a bit about the project and what inspired it ? 

    My family has always loved dolls and we have built up quite a collection.  On a long family trip stuck in traffic after our Rosary we started talking about how there was no saint dolls out there.  Within a couple of hours of excited discussion we realized that God might be calling us to such a work and we had our first few dolls mapped out in our head.  About less than a year later we were finally ready to start our company with the first doll Therese Praise Jesus!

    2.       what is the response like to the dolls, i think they are beautiful and could certainly get a conversation started! 

    So far the response has been tremendous, everyone loves the dolls and are getting sometimes multiple orders from the same family.  God is certainly on the move with this project! 

    3.       You and your family have a beautiful devotion to the Rosary and desire to encourage the whole world to pray the Rosary - how did this desire come to you ?

    Well with all things you have to start with yourself.  Being away from God for so long I was searching for the truth the Rosary was a major part of my keeping and spreading the faith. Here is full story of our return to the Truth.  

  2. Saint Patrick is the Patron Saint of Ireland, a Bishop and Missionary who was captured and taken as a slave to Ireland, He escaped after seven years and then returned, after a dream he returned and eventually converted Irelan, building churches right across the country! He often used the Shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity and His powerful message was well received and understood. Saint Patrick is one of the worlds most popular saints.

  3. Being co-leader of this Belize Rosary Mission is such a humbling experience. I was given a tremendous gift of not only teaching the children about the history, meaning and power of the rosary, but in that process, I have gotten to know my country of Belize.  I have gotten to be with the villagers, to travel to remote areas of Belize, areas that I would never have gotten to know had it not been for this beautiful rosary ministry. I have experienced the love of so many people in the cities, towns and remote areas of Belize. I have seen their pain, their hardships, their joys! I have walked over hammock bridges, dined in thatched roof homes, walked over hills and crossed rivers over ferries to reach the people.  

    I am deeply honored to be part of this amazing work of the Blessed Mother on earth. I am also deeply humbled. Through this mission I have learned to surrender to the Lord completely, to let go of  my worries and to place them in the hands of Jesus and Mary.


    st joseph decade with blue striped agate and trinity crucifix

    Manuela our mission partner in Belize has requested that we join her in a Novena to Saint Joseph, a powerful intercessor for both of our Rosary Missions. it is his Feast Day on March 18th! We will be praying for the success of the Rosary Mission Centre in Belize and also that Donations to build the centre are recieved from those that can afford to do so. There is also the opportunity for people to take part in mission trips which you can find out more about on the Belize Rosary Mission Page! 

    A Volunteer from the US leads some school children in Prayer

    Manuela's workin Belize is Marvelous and you can help out with this too. Beads with Faith accept Donations of prayer material and Rosary beads to send to the mission and we send when we have a decent package. these are then distributed by manuela to schools across Belize and surrounding areas.